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About YouTube Channel

I have created this YouTube channel for educational purposes. With the help of YouTube, I can share my skills, knowledge, and experience with others. So I decided to create graphic design tutorials in Hindi on my channel to help beginners. So I have first prepared a series of CorelDraw tutorials in Hindi for basic to advanced. Beginners can learn step-by-step graphic design in CorelDraw and make their career in designing.

On my YouTube channel, I have prepared tutorials on Graphic Designing. CorelDraw, which is the software for design. I have prepared a series of its tutorials. I will guide you step by step in this tutorial in Hindi. How should design in CorelDraw for basic to advanced?

About Graphic Design Tutorials

Graphic Designing is a process in which we create visual content based on our imagination and communicate the message of our point of view by converting the visual content into an image, video, infographics, animation, etc. Graphic designs create for web & mobile applications, social media, print media, digital marketing, advertising, etc.

CorelDraw Tutorials in Hindi - Basic and Advanced

Learn How to design a logo in CorelDraw? In this tutorial of CorelDraw, what should be clear in mind before designing a logo, and I will give complete information on creating the logo.

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